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Stand Up For Seaton (SU4S)

Community Action for Seaton's Regeneration Area, 80% owned by Tesco - a floodplain on a World Heritage site bordered by nature reserves, tidal river, the sea and the unspoilt town. SU4S is a state of mind - no members, no structure, no politics. SU4S has objected to 2 planning applications by Tesco, including one for a massive superstore/dot com distribution centre which led to the recent closure on the site of 400 tourist beds with the loss of 150 jobs,a gym and pool - all used by locals.

Friday, May 16, 2008

What does our MP think - depends on who you think our MP is

Our current MP is Hugo Swire contact information here

HOWEVER, at the next General Election, the constituencies are changing. Hugo Swire stays responsible for Sidmouth, Exmouth and a new bit of Exeter and Seaton and Axminster join the Tiverton and Honiton constituency. Currently this constituency's MP is Angela Browning contact information here.

HOWEVER, she is retiring at the next General Election and the person who has been chosen by the Conservative Party to contest the seat is Neil Parish.

HOWEVER, Neil Parish is currently a full-time MEP in Brussels and will presumably not resign that seat until he has to fight a General Election contact information here.

So, Hugo Swire, who will not depend on the Seaton and Axminster area for votes at the next election and who will have no responsibility whatsoever for our area then is currently our MP, Angela Browning will not depend on votes from the Seaton and Axminster area at the next election as she is retiring but Neil Parish WILL depend on Seaton and Axminster for votes but he is a full-time MEP!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dawlish and Tesco - Part 2

It would seem that the campaign to get information from Tesco about their plans for Dawlish ran into some trouble, with Tesco saying that the campaigners would be removed from Tesco's mailing list for asking some questions - it's hard to tell from the page exactly what Tesco were complaining about but read about it here. You really must read it.

After some exchange of correspondence (not detailed on the web page) the following appears at the end and is taken by the camapaigners as being an apology from Tesco. What do you think?

One of our members got this today (22nd Feb). A response to his complaint about Mel C & her merry band!
"I have looked into what happened on 6/7 December. Where strong feelings are displayed it is easy for emotions to come to the surface and it seems to me that this may have been the case on this occasion and on both sides. Melanie Chiswell is a senior and respected member of my team and, it is true to say, that she did face some considerable personal animosity demonstrated against her at the time and subsequently. I am sorry if the behaviour of a minority of people affected my team's approach to the many other people who came along to engage in a calm and constructive manner"

Adam Jackson, Public Policy Director, Tesco, Cheshunt.

It would appear that Mr Jackson's name and designation is one to remember for the future.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Dawlish and Tesco

Many of you will know that Dawlish is also being targetted by Tesco for a store. They had wanted to use a playing field to build on but that has been turned down by the council. Now, according to a site which is anti-Tesco building on the plahing field (here) Tesco either have bought or are about to buy a caravan and chalet park in Dawlish (? Ladys Mile) to have a go at building there. It seems that Sainsbury also wants to build a store in the town.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

For those who want to check out (no pun intended) where the "Big 4" are wanting to build have a look at the Tescopoly website (here) which includes under the "local campaigns" information about Seaton too.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

EDDC Executive Board press release re Tesco/Sainsbury

This is the press release issued today after EDDC debated last night the issue of whether to enter into an exclusive relationship with Tesco, an item which had been deferred from January 2008:

On the advice of the District Valuer, East Devon District Council is obliged
to gain best value from the assets that it owns. In the case of the
Council's land-holding at Seaton, this means we must ensure that we obtain
the best possible value either in monetary terms or in equivalent benefit
for the community.

Based on this advice, members of the Executive Board agreed that the council
will continue to negotiate with both Tesco and Sainsburys until such time as
a clearer picture emerges as to which of the commercial proposals represents
best value for the community.

Both companies are already aware that EDDC, in its capacity as a land-owner,
is obliged to act in this way and they will therefore continue to work up
their ideas with a view to presenting these to the Council in due course.


Tesco pulls out of Dawlish scheme

Friends in Dawlish, mindful of how similar the situation is there to the one in Seaton, have provided us with the following press release, issued by Tesco.


29 April 2008


As a result of feedback of the public consultation undertaken late last year, Tesco has today (Tuesday, 29 April) announced that it is no longer interested in building a foodstore on the Sandy Lane sports fields.

However, Tesco is still interested in opening a store in the Dawlish area and will be bringing forward new proposals in the near future, which will again be the subject of wide consultation.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We have listened to what the local people have told us and have decided to drop any plans to build a foodstore on the Sandy Lane sports fields even though they were identified as a possible foodstore site by the Council. We are very much aware of the sensitivity of the Sandy Lane playing fields and the local feelings about their use as sports facilities.

“We are still very keen to open a store in the Dawlish area. In the next few weeks, we will be unveiling plans for a store on another site and we will obviously be consulting with all parties as soon as we are able to do so. We are currently finalising a new public consultation display and getting meeting dates in the diary so that we can go public with our new plans at the earliest opportunity.”


"unveiling plans for a store on another site" - I wonder what sort of site they will pick next! Watch this space and thanks to our Dawlish friends for providing this piece of information.